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Things To Do In Wildwood New jersey Uweekend Guide

Best Things to do in Wildwood New Jersey. We have been going to Wildwood New Jersey Since 2003. We have found the must do in Wildwood New Jersey are the water parks, the Boardwalk, and its sandy beaches. Wildwood, NJ is easily one of the top destinations for New Jersey residents are well as surrounding neighbors states.

Every year people visit come to this great place for its sandy free beach, boardwalk events and well as its famous piers and water parks. Wildwood is a unique resort town. The 1960’s Doo-wop characteristics and cute motels in the area make this travel destination unique among another close by towns.

We will summarize all the things we did during our 3 past trips in recent years.

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We have created an extensive guy that explains in more detail on all the places we visit and stayed.
You can download it here. WildWood UWEEKEND Guide (179 downloads)

These are the must do things base our experience:

  • Water Parks- There is no trip to this famous shore without experiencing the great water activities in the raging waters and oasis waterpark. If you like more thrilling rides you can always hop on to the Splash zone water park across the boardwalk
  • The Boardwalk- “Watch the train car pleaseThat famous phrase along the boardwalk, watch the tram car pass by jam-packed with visitors and take the ride from end to end to fully experience the boardwalk along with all its rides, sight and sounds of hundreds of attractions which will keep you busy day and night.
  • The Beach– One of the longest beaches in New Jersey is the Wildwood beach, with its soft sandy sand that invites everyone, from surfers to families and its pets. Wildwood beach attracts everyone and makes you feel welcome. Come and walk, swim, play and run on this open beach where there really no feeling of overcrowding. Pack your lunch and spend a great day at this incredible beach.
  • Fireworks at the Piers- the Famous Morey’s Piers which consist of 3 piers and waterparks along many restaurants make your Wildwood vacation spectacular; you can literally spend days if not weeks enjoying the many activities these piers offer to its visitors. But the no more thrilling and exciting than the fireworks on Fridays. These fireworks can be seen from anywhere on the pier and from end to end using the Sightseer Tram Car.
  • Events- You Can certainly enjoy the beach views and have fun at the water parks; Ocean oasis, Splash Zone or the Morey’s Piers. One of many attractions to look into while in Wildwood is the event s that happens thru out the year. There are more than 100 cultural, sporting, food, and craft festivals and seasonal events that happen ALL YEAR LONG. We recommend you visit the wildwood commerce website for all the up to date activities to keep you posted with the latest happenings in Wildwood. These events include many free concerts and free movies at the beach.

To summarize, From spring to late October wildwood is filled with families that have come and enjoy the packed roster of family entertainment that the only Wildwood offers to it visitors, Making every vacation memorable.


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