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How did I earned a free vacation

Hi there,

Hi there, my name is Frank, thanks for stopping by . You can call me Uweekendtraveler, I earned my first free vacation in 2017.

For years I have been struggling with going on vacation and returning home broke. Traveling isn’t always fun when there are responsibility of having a 9-5 job .
Around 2015 on a Christmas night. sitting on my beside I wanted to change my life for the better that night thinking what I wanted to do with my life. I asked myself if I could change one thing what that could be….

Travel More? I said to myself.
I decide to jump on my computer and bought a book for $40 about travel hacking.

There were things that this book has taught me that has been a huge game changer in my life.

  • I learned to stick to a budget.
  • Use credit card effectively to fund my travel.
  • take advantage of travel deals, offers and rewards to fund my travels

In the past year of so I have been able to travel to places like Bermuda, New York, Disney Orlando, Boston and so on. I literally have save thousands of dollars and still getting rewards for doing the same daily things I do over and over again.

Ever since I read that book, my life and the life of my family changed forever.
Today we can enjoy a vacation and free vacation one a year, with the art of travel hacking I am learning to travel more and more. This website is a compilation of travel experiences we share as a family with the whole world.

I will also try to provide as much information as possible and offer deals and offers that i have used in the past to help other families and individuals who can’t afford to travel.
Travel Ideas Online is created to inspire Travelers in the United States and abroad to visit places in the United States at affordable prices.
Take a moment to discover a free vacation planner and itineraries that whole families can enjoy. Discover top attractions as well as hidden gems to help you discover extraordinary places, book hotels, and share itineraries.

Free vacation ideas

Till Then, Safe Travels

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