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Hi there thanks for stopping by, my name is Frank, you can call me Uweekendtraveler I earned my first free vacation in 2017.
For years I have been struggling with going on vacation and returning home broke. Traveling wasn't fun as we are a normal family that works regular jobs and have regular responsibilities
Around 2015 on a Christmas night sitting on my beside I wanted to change my life for the better that night thinking what I wanted to do with my life. I asked myself if I could change one thing what that could be….

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  • I learned to stick to a budget.
  • Use credit card effectively to fund my travel.
  • take advantage of travel deals, offers and rewards to fund my travels

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Overall, Americans spend 12 days searching for flights and comparing prices before ultimately booking! Sadly, it gets even worse because…     Airline prices are more fluid than you think     Airlines (and most booking portals) change prices based on your search history     …